An XiaoTong : Works on textile ans paper

Location: Drifting Stitches, Berlin

Migratory Bird Space Berlin is pleased to present the work of two female artists, Chinese expatriate An Xiaotong and Korean artist Sojin Park, who explore the concept of identity through their artworks. This exhibition continues the theme of our previous group exhibition of female artists, “A Future Without a Past”.

Rich and delicate, sensitive and subtle are the characteristics of women artists, and their expression and creation through painting and embroidery have never ceased in contemporary art. Through the recent works of these two Chinese and Korean artists, we hope to revisit the contemporary practice of fabric, thread, traditional media and subject matter, and the contemporary expressions they generate.

The exhibition invites viewers to re-cognize these perspectives from the perspective of everyday topics, namely, how we bring traditional experiences into art and how we continue such experiences in contemporary creations. For further study, the exhibition helps the viewer to focus on questions about female identity.

We assume that we can set aside our actual and everyday roles, and many common foundations that we often overlook present themselves. For anyone, time and space are our lifelong companions, no matter how little we have them or how small a part of them we share with others; or how comfortably and carelessly we immerse ourselves in them. The connection of time and space simultaneously encompasses the intersection of nations, communities, beliefs and social status, producing universal conditions and benchmarks of human perception. Both as spectators and artists to discover the unique times and particular circumstances of our existence. As we become aware of our personal positions in these situations, we also find ourselves entangled with the past, present and future. How we accept this dynamic, how we relate to it, how we confront and question its reality, is a task that, while not always obvious, implicates our actions extensively.